Journal Articles


Articles in peer-reviewed academic journals:

A View from Ankara: Turkey’s Relations with China in a Changing Middle East, The Mediterranean Quarterly, v.26, no.1, 2015, pp.117-136.

Book Review ‘Among the Ottomans: Diaries from Turkey in World War I’ by I. Lyster (ed), Tarih: Graduate History Journal of Boğaziçi University Department of History, v.3, 2013, pp.76-79.

Business Associations and Turkey’s Foreign Economic Policy: From the ‘Özal Model’ to the AKP Period, in Boğaziçi Journal Review of Social, Economic and Administrative Studies, v.25, no.2, 2011, pp.171-188.

The Role of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in the Economic Security of China, Journal of Central Asian and Caucasian Studies, v.6, no.11, 2011, pp.111-133.

Businessmen as Diplomats: The Role of Business Associations in Turkey's Foreign Economic Policy, Insight Turkey, v.13, no.1, 2011, pp.109-128.

Societal Legitimacy of the Military: Turkey and Indonesia in Comparative Perspective, Turkish Journal of Politics, v.1, no.2, 2011, pp.1-31.


Academic articles in non-peer reviewed journals, periodicals and other institutional publications:

Healing the Wounds : Turkey’s Quest for Inclusive Economic Growth, Istanbul Policy Center, Istanbul. A Turkish version has also been published under the title ‘Yaraları Sarmak : Turkiye’nin Kapsayıcı Ekonomik Büyüme Arayışı’, 2017.

Conference Report ‘Changing Geopolitics and the Emerging Order of the Middle East: Challenges Ahead, What the Future Holds’ (with B. Aras), Istanbul Policy Center, Istanbul, 2017.

Asya Yüzyılında Ejder ve Hilal: Türkiye-Çin Ekonomik İlişkilerinin Geliştirilmesi İçin Bir Yol Haritası [Dragon and Crescent in the Asian Century: A Roadmap for Improving the Turkish-Chinese Economic Relations], DEİK Turkish-Chinese Business Council, Istanbul, 2016.

Turkey’s Foreign Policy Towards China: Analysis and Recommendations for Improvement, Young Academics Policy Paper Series, Global Relations Forum, Istanbul, 2016.

2014 Yılında Türkiye-Çin İlişkileri [Turkish-Chinese Relations in 2014], MÜSİAD Dış Politika Raporu, Istanbul, 2015.

Küreselleşme Sürecinde Türkiye-Çin Ekonomik İlişkileri [Turkish-Chinese Economic Relations During the Process of Globalization], SETA Analiz, Istanbul, 2014.

Turkey and Indonesia: Historical Roots, Contemporary Business Links, Middle East Asia Project, Middle East Institute, Washington D.C., online, November 4, 2013.

Turkey’s Changing Foreign Policy Stance: Getting Closer to Asia? (with S. Esenbel), Middle East Asia Project, Middle East Institute, Washington D.C., online, September 30, 2013.

Book Review ‘Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of Global Power’ by Z. Brzezinski, in The Journal of Turkish Weekly, online, 2013.

The Future of Turkey’s Relations with China, in Turkish Review, 2(6), pp.96-101, 2012.

A New Dialogue Between Europe and Asia, in Turkish Review, 2(5), pp.119-121, 2012.

The Political Economy of Turkey’s Response to the Arab Spring, in Sociology of Islam and Muslim Societies Newsletter, no.7., Portland State University, pp.5-8, 2012.

Businessmen and Turkey’s Foreign Policy, Policy Brief Series 2011, International Policy and Leadership Institute, Paris, 2011.

Questioning Turkey’s China Trade, Turkish Policy Quarterly, v.10, no.2, pp.107-116, 2011.

Endonezya’da Sosyal Politikalar ve Bu Alanda Yaşanan Sorunlar [Social Policy in Indonesia and Problems in this Field]. Istanbul: Boğaziçi University Social Policy Forum Working Paper, 2011.